George's Story

George Scott was raised on a family farm in South Central Pennsylvania. Growing up, he learned the value of hard work and service to his family, church, and local community. After graduating from Georgetown University, George entered the U.S. Army and served our nation on active duty for 20 years at home and abroad in both peacetime and war.

After being commissioned as a military intelligence officer, George served as platoon leader on the demilitarized zone in South Korea.  He returned to the US and was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. While there, he deployed to the U.S. Virgin Islands as part of a disaster relief force following Hurricane Hugo, to Panama during Operation Just Cause, and to the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

After several years of specialized training, George served for two years at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, with the 101st Airborne Division, then returned to the Middle East to serve at the American Embassy in Amman, Jordan.  

He again returned to the US was stationed in Georgia with Third Army. In November 2001, George deployed to Kuwait as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. In 2002, he became the battalion commander of the 229th Military Intelligence Battalion, a unit consisting of over 1,800 personnel. George retired from the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant Colonel in August 2004. 

Following his retirement, George continued his career of public service with the Central Intelligence Agency as a staff operations officer in the Agency’s Middle East Division. He later worked as a government contractor in Iraq, where he trained U.S. commanders in counter-insurgency operations.

In 2009, George returned home to South Central Pennsylvania and responded to a different calling: one of faith. George attended seminary, earned a Master of Divinity degree, and began serving as a pastor in his local community.  His congregation helped their neighbors by hosting a monthly food pantry, delivering bags of food to a local elementary school for needy kids, and offering free laundry service each month to those struggling financially. 

Today, George continues to pursue his lifelong call to serve—this time as an elected representative of the people. George has dedicated his life to upholding the values of integrity, service, and compassion, and he is proud to say that he learned those values from his upbringing on his family’s farm as well as from his time in the military and in ministry.

George lives in Harrisburg with his wife Donna, who is a small business owner, and has two college-aged children. He has deep roots in South Central Pennsylvania, so he understands the issues that affect those who live here. He is a reformer and an independent voice who will stand up to special interests and fight for regular working folks. George has a lifetime of experience in serving his country and his community. As an elected leader, his first and only loyalty will be to the people of Pennsylvania’s 15th Senate District.

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