Yesterday, Rep. Scott Perry became one of only 11 members in the 435-member House of Representatives to introduce articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. In doing so, Mr. Perry has chosen baseless conspiracy theories and radical partisanship over due process and the rule of law.

Our founders created a government with three co-equal branches meant to provide checks and balances against each other. Rep. Perry has consistently failed in that Congressional responsibility. In the hours since these articles of impeachment were introduced, Mr. Perry’s actions have been denounced by Republicans and Democrats alike as well as by countless members of the law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein is a professional and a man of integrity who was confirmed to do his job by 94 of our 100 senators, including Senators Casey and Toomey. Rod Rosenstein is a lifelong Republican, yet Mr Perry is so radical that he attacks lifelong Republicans, including Mueller and Rosenstein, in order to shield the President. Mr. Perry will never hold President Trump accountable. Mr. Perry’s decision to join this fringe movement and interfere with the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation is an alarming indicator of his misplaced priorities.

Congress needs less hyper-partisanship and more real solutions to the challenges facing working people. In Congress, my priorities will be developing a 21st century workforce, supporting high-quality public education, ensuring everyone can access affordable health care, and defending the rule of law.