HARRISBURG Oct. 26 – George Scott has received the official endorsement today of PennLive’s editorial board as the best choice to represent the 10th Congressional District.  

Citing, “The Nov. 6 midterm offers central Pennsylvania voters a chance to forge a new direction, in a new district, with someone who truly represents their values. George Scott is that candidate,” the editorial board is endorsing George over his opponent Scott Perry.

“I am honored to receive this endorsement,” said George. “As a member of Congress, I will work for all of the people of the 10th Congressional District and them alone. It is time to bring common sense solutions back to our political process, forge the divides that have separated our country for too long, and put the needs of the people above anything else.”

Their case, in part, for George Scott:

“Scott, who aspires to be a “servant-leader,” is a political moderate at a time when American politics is badly in need of some moderation.

He impressed the board with his views on healthcare, women’s reproductive rights and his commitment to increasing the minimum wage and expanding Medicaid coverage, among other issues.”

Their argument against Scott Perry includes:

“After three terms in Congress, Perry has emerged as a sharp-elbowed partisan and loyal conservative foot soldier of the hyperpartisan Freedom Caucus, a coalition of GOP lawmakers whose main priority often seems to be less about effective governance and more about ensuring a permanent state of legislative paralysis on Capitol Hill.”

Read the full endorsement here: https://www.pennlive.com/opinion/2018/10/for_us_congress_george_scott_i.html