Campaign releases new TV ad on Scott Perry’s votes to cut seniors’ earned benefits

HARRISBURG, Oct. 30—Today, the George Scott for Congress campaign released a new television ad, “Next Day,” that shines a light on Scott Perry’s attempt to deceive South Central Pennsylvania voters by claiming in a debate that “no one in my party is talking about cutting Social Security or Medicare.”

The very next day, Mitch McConnell admitted that he hopes to cut Social Security and Medicare to counteract the federal deficit that has exploded under the watch of Republican leadership in all branches of government.

“If Scott Perry paid attention to the working families of this region instead of the extreme special interests that fund his campaign, he would know that voters are too smart to fall for his lies,” said Campaign Manager Jason O’Malley. “Perry has consistently voted to cut Social Security and Medicare to keep his Washington puppet masters happy at the expense of working people in South Central Pennsylvania.”

Perry has cast multiple votes to cut Social Security and Medicare.

In 2014, Mr. Perry voted for a budget resolution that proposed the complete privatization of Medicare.  The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare opposed this proposal in an official statement, saying that it “would end traditional Medicare,” “make it harder for seniors to choose their own doctors,” and “increase health care costs for both current and future retirees.”

In 2013, Perry voted for another budget resolution that would have led to huge cuts to the social safety net, increased the age of eligibility for Medicare, and moved toward privatizing the program.