HARRISBURG, Nov. 1 – Republicans from across the 10th Congressional District stood side-by-side and in support of George Scott today as the best candidate to serve the needs of Cumberland, Dauphin and York county residents in Congress.

George was also joined by former Republican state lawmaker Steve Nickol, who last month strongly endorsed George for Congress because he has the integrity and compassion to be a champion for the people of the 10th District. Nickol, who served with Scott Perry in the Pennsylvania legislature, previously supported and donated to his campaigns.  (TV ad endorsing George)

In addition, Nickol announced an official endorsement of George Scott by one of the mid-state’s longest-serving state senators, Pat Vance, who retired on Nov. 30, 2016. Vance also previously served with and supported Perry for office.

“Senator Vance served the people of Cumberland County with honor and distinction,” said George. “She was a strong and effective advocate over the years for groups like domestic violence victims, the elderly, and those suffering from disabilities. It is a privilege to receive her endorsement, and it is my hope to follow her example of bipartisanship and civility in Congress.”

The text of the endorsement reads:

“Much thought has been given in making my decision about who should represent our community in the new 10th Congressional District. As a registered nurse long active in healthcare issues, it appears the voices of professionals really need to be heard, especially on the subject of pre-existing conditions. We need to realize that people with pre-existing conditions have them through no fault of their own and it is cruel to allow their health to be affected because they cannot get insurance.

 Dropping the requirement that insurance policies cover maternal care is also very troublesome just because someone might not need it personally. It is a benefit to our entire community that pregnant women and the child they are carrying have insurance that provides proper care. It was not too many years ago that many insurance companies refused to cover maternal care because pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition. 

 During my time in the legislature, I served on the Health committees, and in the Senate was first Chair of the Aging Committee and later as Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee. I have paid intense attention to all issues involving insurance, aging and healthcare. Words do matter and so do votes cast by our elected officials. Party allegiance cannot take precedence over peoples’ healthcare needs. I was always fond of saying that courage in politics is a very rare commodity – now is the time to stand up for people’s healthcare needs. For that reason, I will be voting for George Scott to represent the new 10th Congressional District.”

Senator Pat Vance (retired)